Handy Sharps and Sharp N Sparks  are very simple to use and operate. My 10 year old daughter sharpens with them.

     But, you need to see how they work. Most of the early years we sold them at gun shows and outdoor sporting shows. This meant that all our customers had all ready seen them in operation. People would bring their knives and have Chad sharpen them. What we find is that selling them on the internet is different. We needed to have some visual means of showing the best way to use these sharpeners. So we have a You Tube channel with training videos. Below are a couple and then click to go to our You Tube channel for more.


Chad's special video on how to get it sharp.

Brad Buckner - Training video part 1

Brad Buckner - Training video part 2

Brad Buckner - Traning video part 3

Brad Buckner - Training video part 4