Handy Sharp Mini or “Poker Chip”


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  1. Rob Peterson

    Sharpens easier and faster to razor sharp than any other sharpener I’ve ever used without shaving off excessive amounts of your blade. I’ve been hunting for over 35 years and used every type of sharpener on all kinds of knives and this is the best. When I got home after the Christmas bazar I even sharpened all the kitchen knives. I was so stoked I got out the dull scissors that wouldn’t cut paper, they cut like new. The poker chip is going in my hunting pack and I won’t have to carry 4 knives to field dress my deer or elk. I’m going to order a bunch more for family and friends especially my brother Greg who never has a sharp knife in his house. It’s so easy to use even my brother Greg can have sharp knives in his house. Thanks Chad

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