• Howdy! Welcome to Handy Sharp. Make sure you stop and see me when you're at a gun show or preparedness expo. I am at one 50 weeks of the year. Mostly in the great Northwest.


Hello, my name is Chad Ruseler, Handy Sharp and Sharp-N-Spark Manufacturer' Representative.


         You may have met me at gun shows, survival expos, and other assorted outdoor shows. I have been selling Handy Sharps and Sharp-N-Sparks since 2010.
    The first thing I want to mention is I totally believe in these products. They really sharpen and do an amazing job!
    Every once in a while, I run across someone who says; "It didn't sharpen my knife".  Now I can’t dispute what they may be saying, but I can tell you, they simply didn't get the hang of it. It takes a little hand-eye coordination to hit the sweet spot.
    Sometimes people feel like if they don't spend 50 dollars or more, the thing just won't work. The beauty of a Handy Sharp, and Sharp-N-Spark item it’s light weight, compact and simple to use. It also sharpens dozens or different blades. If there is any doubt about it, then just watch the training videos and you can see for yourself how simple the technique is to learn. A few minutes of practice and you will be sharpening everything in the kitchen, garage and garden shed.
   The satisfaction you get when you sharpen a tool is a great feeling and when done with a simple tool that you hold in your hand and then can be dropped into your pocket, tool pouch or back pack, the satisfaction is even greater.