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If you have a large collection of knives, you can probably remember when each one was purchased.  I know my 14 year old son can. For him the money spent is a bigger deal then to most adults, but that’s the point, you took hard earned money and spent it on something that was going to be useful. What happens when that knife dulls out, that pair of scissors doesn’t cut, or the pruners don’t prune? Remember how great they worked when new?  Chances are, they’ve been getting dull for years, you just haven’t realized it. So the luster is lost and another is purchased.  Soon that one doesn’t seem to cut anymore, and so it goes, more and more knives, scissors and pruners.  Pretty soon you have a lot of knives collecting in junk drawers, and all of them castoffs.  You can’t bear to throw them away, but you don’t want to use them either. Why not?  You would say,”I don’t know, I just don’t like them”.  Or the more famous line, “They hurt my hand when I use them”.  

They hurt because they’re dull!

Well, we have some advice for you.  Sharpen them!

What you have not realized is the slow process of them getting dull has gone unnoticed. Your dissatisfaction is not with the product itself, but with how sharp it is, which results in how cleanly or quickly it cuts.  After all, it does not matter how pretty a knife is, or how fancy a handle it has, the primary purpose is to cut something. Remember when it comes to a cutter sharpness is king.

With a Handy Sharp in your pocket or on your key ring you will never have to worry about that again. These nifty little sharpeners are big on performance, but small in size. They can be kept right with your knives, and better yet one can be kept on a key chain or in your pocket so the knife sharpener comes with you. Bulky bench mounted ones, or electric ones might be nice, but they are certainly not going to be in your pocket to touch up the blade as you are working.  Frequent light sharpening's are the best way to maintain a knife or garden shears. Leaving them go till they need a major rework, just wears them out by having to remove too much metal. Because Handy Sharp has a hardened Tungsten Carbide blade it can bring a knife back from the dead, but why suffer that?  Why not maintain the sharpness, and thereby the usefulness of the knife on a consistent basis?   

Because of the low price you are not limited to just one either. Go ahead and pick up a couple.  This way you can keep one in the kitchen, one in workshop, and of course one or two with your hunting gear, or on a key chain in your pocket, where you will actually find it handy. Handy Sharp that is.

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trash can What about all those dull cutting tools? Don’t toss’em! Sharpen Them! dull tin snips dull scissors dull knife
Remember -  There is never a dull day with a Handy Sharp!
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Long Handle model (HS-015) sells for $13.99 Plus Shipping
Rectangle model (HS-012) $13.99 plus shipping
Round model (HS-008) $7.99 plus shipping
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Lifetime Warranty! Several Long Handle Sharpeners Some Rectangle Sharpeners More Rectangle Sharpeners Two Round Sharpeners More Round Sharpeners
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Rectangle:   buy 3@ $13.74,  5@ $13.49, 10@ $12.99, 15@ $11.99
Round: buy 3@ $ 7.74,   5@ $ 7.49,  10@ $ 7.24, 15@ $ 5.99

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Special Deal

Buy all three for $36 and get free shipping!

Round Model Knife Sharpener Long Handle Knife Sharpener Rectangle Model Knife Sharpener
Sharp-N-Spark Image of car keys with Sharp-N-Spark for size comparison Sharp-N-Spark shown taken apart

About the same size as the Handy Sharp Hand Size but with a built in fire starter. That’s right. built into the handle is a magnesium fire starter element. Just shave the element with the knife sharpener carbide and presto! Massive shower of sparks to light your favorite tinder.

Available now for  $19.99
New Badge Image of Handy Sharp products The Sharp-N-Spark in action
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