That is one of the big features of the Handy Sharp. A knife sharpener that plugs into power and weighs 10 pounds is not going to get used much after the initial excitement wears off. A wet stone may do a good job, but are you going to carry one in your pocket?

     A friend of mine told me that his wife uses the Handy Sharp in the kitchen once or twice a week. He doesn’t have to be called in and told that the knife is dull and needs to be sharpened. She just grabs the Handy Sharp out of the knife drawer and touches up the blade. Hear what I just said? She touches up the blade herself. It doesn’t need to be reground with a Makita grinder or sharpened on three different grit wet stones to bring it back. All that’s needed is a light touch-up with the Handy Sharp.

     Can the Handy Sharp bring back a really dull knife?  Yes, of course! It works great for that! But why wait? If you can always have the Handy Sharp with you or right in the same drawer, then there is no need to let it get dull. Why be frustrated with the tool or knife for use after use until you finally reach your limit of patience and get out the 10 pound 120 volt fancy sharpener. Just keep it sharp with occasional sharpening.

 Currently there are five different models, but each one has the same size chunk of carbide molded into the plastic handle.

Don’t throw - Sharpen!

     Do you have a collection of knives and tools at home that are too valuable to throw out, but you don’t really use them because they are dull?

     Dull tools are not only frustrating, but they can be more hazardous than a sharp one. Doing some pruning with a dull set of pruners is no fun. Yet the same job with a pruner that is nice and sharp and cuts easily can be a rewarding job.

     The Handy  Sharp tool can sharpen dozens of different types of blades. Not only that, it is small, light weight, and easily carried in a pocket or purse. It is also inexpensive enough so that you can have one in the kitchen, in the work shop, in your tool kit, fishing tackle box, hunting lodge, garden shed, bug-out bag or you name it!


      Two models, Sharp-N-Spark and Sharp-N-Spark Mini, have a ferrocerium rod built into the handle. Using this in conjunction with the carbide makes a great fire starter. All the models are light and compact. Something like this can be a life saver.  Now a days, everyone seems to be talking ‘preparedness’. Keeping your knife sharp, your powder dry and being able to start a fire in the rain or snow fits right in with that theme.  

     Every person that is interested in survival or is considered to be a survivalist, must have some of these tucked away in their discrete locations. Think: bug-out bag, car trunk, motor home, dirt bike tool kit, underground bunker, tackle box, remote hideaway, etc.  

     Handy Sharps make great gifts for loved ones, those who are ‘hard to buy for’, and for the person who has everything.

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Guarantee and return policy

    Chad Ruseler told me to guarantee them for life.  How long is life I asked? Thinking about the bottom line.  This is the deal; If you are not happy with your Handy Sharp or Sharp-N-Spark just send it back with a copy of the sales receipt showing that you purchased it from Handy and we will refund the purchase price.  We can offer a money back guarantee like this because we believe you will love your Handy Sharp or Sharp-N-Spark and get many years of productive use out of it. We are not worried about it wearing out because we know a person that has spent the last eight years demonstrating Handy Sharp at trade shows and his still shows no wear at all on the carbide face. That’s 40 to 50 weeks a year on the road hitting survival shows and gun shows around America and sharpening customers knives for 8 to 10 hours a day at each show.


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Our sharpeners are lightweight portable pocketable tools. They have the ability to sharpen all kinds of different blades.

Perfect for the hunter, the gardener, in the kitchen, workshop, automobile, or in your pocket where you can find it!

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